Chris Shadbolt of Genius Solutions

“We…have an internal marketing program that is driven by our marketing department that allows us to really pick and choose the people that we want to go to… We do some pre-marketing before [trade shows] for the product, and also we just develop our relationships on a one-on-one basis… The personal touch is really important as customers become – in many ways – our friends.”

Chris Shadbolt of Genius Solutions joined us on the floor at MODEX 2018 in Atlanta to discuss the company’s manufacturing-specific ERP company, and how they’re hyper-focused on providing customized software solutions in the increasingly-customized world of manufacturers.

Chris was one of the only non-exhibiting attendees that we interviewed at the show, and he explained how Genius has an internal team that makes sure to do pre-trade-show marketing before attending events like MODEX, in order to plant the seeds of future relationships with clients.

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