Diana Maglio of SI Systems

“We have partners that we work with, some 3PLs, we have been sending out a lot of newsletters and email blasts; so we’re just trying to get the word out there. It will really change your picking life, and save you lots of money in employees.

”Our partners are our best [marketing tactic]. The word of mouth, the partners working with you, knowing exactly what it can do; that’s our best marketing right there.”

Diana “Dee” Maglio of SI Systems joined us on the floor at MODEX 2018 in Atlanta to discuss the company’s wide variety of offerings for warehouse management such as robotic A-frames, automatic pickers, AGVs, and more. In a nutshell, Dee announced, “we can help you move your stuff around your warehouse.”

The big product on display was SSI’s new Mobile-Matic: a portable A-frame high-speed distribution system. Or, as Danny christened it after seeing a demonstration, “a vending machine on steroids.” The Mobile-Matic is one of the fastest pickers on the market, at 2,000 items per hour.

As well as working extensively with partners to get the word out about their products and solutions, SI Systems are also looking to grow their digital presence online as well.

“We just started a social media campaign…I love social media, I love hash tagging, and I’m hoping it’s gonna pull in somebody else that would be a direct end user…we write newsletters, and we keep in touch with all of our clients and all of anyone who wants to hear what we’re making and what we’re doing. We are in ‘Constant Contact.’ ”

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